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At AiGrow, we blend innovative technology with sustainable practices to reshape the future of farming. Step into a world where agricultural tradition meets technological revolution, fostering a greener future for all.

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AiGrow pioneers the integration of advanced technologies with agriculture in Sri Lanka, enhancing greenhouses and open fields with automation, data analytics, and AI-driven solutions. We are dedicated to transforming agriculture through innovative solutions that increase efficiency, yield, and sustainability.

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Expertise in Innovation

Over five years at the forefront of agricultural technology, transforming farming with AI and automation.

Tailored Agricultural Solutions

Custom-fit greenhouse designs and data-driven farm management for optimal yield and efficiency.

Global Reach

Expanding the benefits of smart farming to growers worldwide, with solutions in diverse climates and regions.

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Agriculture Matters to the Future of Development

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AiGrow Mobile App

A platform to encourage communities to grow, manage monitor healthy fresh greens via controlled greenhouses and self sustaining home units. Manage crops seamlessly and monitor critical parameters optimising plant growth in real-time. Be in touch with AiGROW specialists instantly and support us in building a community of growers.

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