Smart Farming Essentials

Fertigation System

  • Utilizes advanced Crop Cycle Awareness for automatic fertilizer adjustments up to 16 plant fields.
  • Cloud-based precision fertigation with real-time updates and secure recipe management.
  • Adaptable EC/pH-based dosing mechanisms for precise nutrient delivery, accessible remotely.
  • Energy-efficient, scalable design promoting sustainable farming practices.
  • Comprehensive reporting, analytics, and after-sales support for optimized yield.

Climate Controller System

  • Optimizes greenhouse conditions for maximum yield by controlling temperature, humidity, lux, and CO² levels.
  • Enables real-time monitoring of climate data via cloud connectivity from anywhere, accessible through the Aigrow mobile app.
  • Provides a user-friendly interface for easy management and optimization of climate settings.
  • AI-ready analytics to identify trends for improved efficiency.
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing setups for cost-effective advanced climate control.
  • Features 12 customizable channels, ensuring flexibility and scalability for greenhouse operations.


  • Full Spectrum Coverage: Mimics natural sunlight with wavelengths from 360 nm to 830nm, including Hyper Red, Far Red, UV, and IR bands.
  • Growth Mode Options: Tailored modes for vegetative reproduction, growth, and foliage growth stages.
  • Easy Installation: Hangs effortlessly for flexible placement in greenhouse setups.
  • Durable Build: Aluminum housing ensures longevity in greenhouse environments.
  • Efficient Power Usage promotes energy efficiency.

Energy meter

  • Tracks energy consumption (kWh), voltage(V), current(A) , power factor, reactive power (VAR), and demand (kW) efficiently.
  • Provides real-time readings and essential metrics on its LCD screen for easy monitoring.
  • Meets the IEC 62053-21 standard, ensuring accuracy and reliability in energy measurement.
  • Compatible with the AiGROW mobile app, allowing for convenient remote monitoring and management.
  • Offers data display and communication features necessary for effective energy management.
  • Ensures ease of use and accessibility for operators, promoting efficient energy monitoring and control.

Water meter

  • Equipped with Accurate sensors to measure water level and consumption
  • Tracks Daily, Monthly, or yearly water consumption.
  • Provides real-time readings and essential metrics on AIGROW mobile app, Allowing for convenient remote monitoring and management of water.
  • Provides the ability to Automatically operate various pumps based on available water resources, Schedule or  Manual Mode

Climate Sensor

  • Direct WiFi connection to a cloud platform for seamless data transmission.
  • Features temperature, humidity, lux, and CO2 sensors for all-around environmental tracking
  • Remote data access and insights via the AiGROW mobile app.
  • Can be placed anywhere with WiFi, allowing flexible installation for precise monitoring.
  • Suitable for detailed environmental monitoring with minimal physical interaction.
  • Boosts efficiency and convenience by enabling anytime, anywhere monitoring.
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