Intelligent Food Supply

Food Security

Empowering cities to manage, monitor autonomous hydroponics greenhouses under one unified platform.

Healthy Food

Offering natural and locally produced vegetables that are free of pesticides and weedicides at all times.


A powerful solution to optimise the agricultural productivity with precision demand supply planning and quick payback.

Smart Sensor System


Water Recycle Reuse

Advanced Grow-Lighting


Fertigation System


Intelligent Data Centre

green-house controller

Scalable on Demand

E Fertigator


Automate your fertilizer delivery with advanced precision and control. Web based interface allows you to set the fertigation receipe, schedule and many other parameters to optimize your greenhouse. With redundunt EC and Ph sensors , and remote minitoring with realtime notifications, you can rest assure that your greenhouse fertigation is running trouble free.

  • EC &amp PH Target values with precision 99.9% accuracy
  • Up to 8 input/output irrigation systems
  • Dosing 4 nutrient solutions
  • Safety Features

Control any hydroponics rack, pump, light and other nodes through the AIgrow Relay Controller. Working seamlessly with the Fertigation system and the Greenhouse controller, it can be used for precise control of your greenhouse safely and securely.

  • Control upto 16 channels.
  • Time based operation. (no need of external timers)

Relay Node


Sensor Node

306A1638 hand held device pack

Connect as many as six different sensors to measure your greenhouse data. Sensors range from CO2, O2, Humidity, Temperator to many other compatible  sensors. Data gathered can be viewed on the device, on the mobile app, as well all the data will be stored in the cloud. Cloud data can be viewed through the web based dashboard, as well be used for cloud based AI algorithms, to optimize your greenhouse.

  • Input up to 8 sensors
  • Real time data logging using cloud
  • Backup battery powered
  • Indicate power interruptions.

Can be used as a standalone device, or connected to the cloud via the Greenhouse controller. Climate controller can control all aspects of your greenhouse’s climate, by controlling the exhaust fans, cooling pads and sunshades. Once configured, this device can operate via a time based schedule and or a event based schedule to get best results of your greenhouse.

  • Temperature Control
  • Humidity Control
  • Shade curtain automation-Control sunlight level
  • Control exhaust fans, cooling pads, shade curtain

Climate Control


Greenhouse Controller


A central controling and monitoring interface to control, all the parameters of your greenhouse. With real time data visualization, growers can use data driven decision making to better understand your greenhouse and increasing efficiency. Realtime notifications allow users to find problems immediatly, via SMS and audible alarm generations.

  • Realtime analytics with central command control at your fingertips.

Android and iOS mobile app, to monitor and control your greenhouse in realtime from anywhere in the world. With easy to use interface, you rest easy that your greenhouse is functioning as intended. It also had various notification methods, to enable farmers to engage where certain parameters goes above or below a critical value.

Mobile App



Cutting Edge Technology

Applying New Agri-Tech

Cloud-based IoT

Using the latest MQTT IoT technology, greenhouses can now communicate and learn from each operation, making world-wide scalability superfast, easy and economical.

AI Everywhere

Advanced image and video processing, optical character recognition technologies, that autonomously monitors, manage and learn from collated data for planning, forecasting and informed decision making.

Remote Monitoring

Advanced sensors and robotics reduces labour intensity, with centrally managed remote monitoring capability; wherever the greenhouse, AiGROW specialists are always on the watch from wherever they are.

Remote Monitoring 85% 85%
Low operation cost 70% 70%
High yield 80% 80%
Pesticide Free 100% 100%